Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Michigan Engineering students Rachel Strauss and Megan Bland set out to fabricate an inexpensive but safe car seat for babies and infants. The students hope the steel seat will gain popularity in developing countries and lower infant mortality rates in car crashes.

UPDATE: Nurse negotiations at UMHS
The parties in the nurse negotiations at the U-M Health System have agreed to negotiate beyond the expiration date to reach an agreement.

Listening to the Dow: Mapping stock market data to sound waves
Want to hear what the stock market "sounds like" over course of 80 years? A U-M librarian has transformed data about the Dow Jones Industrial Average into sound waves and tracked the market's ups and downs from the advent of the Great Depression, through the high-frequency trading of the late 20th century, right up until earlier this year.

Matthew Schroeder wins union staff seat on DPS Oversight Committee
Matthew Schroeder, a registered nurse at U-M Hospital, was elected as the union staff representative to the Department of Public Safety Oversight Committee.

CRIME ALERT CANCELED: Suspect arrested
Arrest made in April 23 off-campus aggravated assault.

The Michigan Difference

A matter of trust
Joe Burke certainly isn't the first attorney to grind out a seemingly endless series of 14-hour days. But not many can say they do so in a place like Lashkar Gah. Burke, a 1989 Law School graduate, is a foreign service officer with the U.S. Department of State in Afghanistan. As the senior American civilian in the British-led Provincial Reconstruction Team for Helmand Province he leads a group of about 120 civilians and a similar number of soldiers and Marines with the overarching goal of connecting the Afghan government to the Afghan people.