Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, November 17, 2011

MCommunity group owners asked to review settings

In continued response to user concerns about group member visibility in the MCommunity Directory, Information and Technology Services is urging group owners to review their group settings on a regular basis, particularly the setting for who can see the members of a group.


Click here to read the full message being sent to MCommunity group owners.

"Group owners have a great deal of flexibility in managing their groups," says Holly Nielsen, interim executive director of ITS Application and Information Services. "With that flexibility goes the responsibility to respect the privacy expectations and preferences of their group members."

ITS began sending email today to all MCommunity group owners — about 35,000 people — asking them to review the settings for their groups. Messages are going out in batches of 3,000 per weekday over a period of several weeks.

Group owners can hide the membership of their groups from everyone except fellow group members when it is appropriate. The email message also outlines some new options in the MCommunity Directory that owners did not have before.

In addition, a new paragraph has been added to the renewal reminder emails that group owners receive before their directory groups are to expire. It asks group owners to review their group settings, particularly group privacy, if they renew their groups.