Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, January 6, 2012

With the opening of Aikens Commons, the collegial spirit of the Law School became embodied in its architecture. This video captures the Commons' grand design and Michigan Law's collaborative atmosphere.

Task force to examine records management, retention practices
U-M has launched an ambitious initiative to improve its universitywide records management and retention policies. A five-member task force has been appointed with a goal of presenting a business case for a campuswide records-management program to a group of executive sponsors by July 31.

Town hall meeting on campus bicycle use set for Jan. 24
Renewed attention to bicycling, and improvements to infrastructure and programs are part of the university's focus on sustainability. All students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in a Jan. 24 town hall meeting to learn about planned bicycling improvements and to share ideas.

Erb Institute co-hosting public discussion of climate change issues
The Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise and the Union of Concerned Scientists will host a town hall discussion Jan. 20 titled Cures for Climate Confusion. The public is invited to participate. It will include thinkers and leaders from the media, academic institutions, religious centers, the private sector, and other fields.

The Michigan Difference

For the good of South Sudan
As an emigrant of Sudan, law professor Laura Beny felt strongly about the issues facing the newly declared country of South Sudan. Since 2006 she has made yearly trips to conduct research and work on projects relating to advising the South Sudan government, as well as aiding local entrepreneurs in developing better marketing and distribution strategies in order to create more job opportunities.