Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, February 10, 2012

Governor proposes increase in higher education funding

Vice President for Government Relations Cynthia Wilbanks says it will be important to do a thorough analysis Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed higher education budget before knowing just how the new approach to funding will affect U-M in fiscal year 2013 and beyond.


Click here to view details of the budget plan.

Snyder delivered the fiscal year 2013 plan to the state Legislature Thursday.

While the proposal calls for a 3 percent overall higher education budget increase — which Wilbanks welcomed as good news against the backdrop of this year’s 15 percent budget cut — not every university will get a 3 percent increase.

The governor’s proposal spells out recommendations that vary from 0.9 percent for Wayne State University to 7.6 percent for Grand Valley State University. Among the U-M campuses, the governor recommends a 1.4 percent increase for Ann Arbor, 3.2 percent more for Flint and 2.7 percent more for Dearborn.

For universities, state funding would be distributed based on four metrics: the growth in the number of undergraduate degree completions, the number of undergraduate completions in critical skills areas, the number of undergraduate Pell Grant recipients, and compliance with tuition restraint of no more than a 4 percent increase.

The governor’s proposal also includes support for a total of 18 capital outlay construction projects previously approved by the Legislature for planning. Included on that list is one project on each of the three U-M campuses.

The budget proposal now will work its way through the approval process in both houses of the Legislature.