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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the current edition of LSA Today, Ralph Williams, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Emeritus and professor emeritus of English, delivers the seventh in a series of mini-lectures on Shakespeare. In this video, he discusses the role of the individual in Shakespeare's works, exploring the relationship between personal advancement and social isolation. Click here for a digest of previous lectures in the series.

U-M to lead statewide network to bring more inventions to market
To turn an invention into a marketable product that can benefit society you need, above all else, the right people involved. That's the premise behind a new $2.4 million statewide program called the Tech Transfer Talent Network. It is led by U-M and funded through a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corp.
A U-M clean energy startup is looking to turn on investors and future customers to a new lighting technology that offers a cleaner, longer lasting and higher quality alternative to today’s florescent tubes.

Regents approve resolution to oppose proposed legislation
The Board of Regents voted 6-2 Tuesday to oppose legislation that would exempt graduate student research assistants from being considered employees under the state's Public Employment Relations Act.

New website a central resource for stem cell research information
For more than a decade, U-M stem cell researchers have helped lead the nation in studying all types of stem cells. A new website,, provides information about the university's stem cell research and gives plain-English explanations about the different types of cells as well as news about what U-M is doing to harness their promise.

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Texas affirmative action case
An affirmative action case heading for the Supreme Court of the United States most likely will not impact U-M, leaders say. The high court agreed Tuesday to hear a case brought by a woman who says she was denied admission to the University of Texas because she is white. Nearly nine years ago, U-M defended its previous admission policies against a similar challenge.

Connections For Cardiovascular Health announces grant to UMHS
The AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation program Connections for Cardiovascular Health has awarded more than $173,000 to the U-M Health System in support of the Cardiovascular Center’s Project Healthy Schools program, which is designed to improve the health of middle school students in Detroit.

The Michigan Difference

New lease on life
Dental student Steve Nichols (left), who urged a patient to see a physician for high blood pressure before having a routine dental cleaning in a School of Dentistry clinic, has given the patient a new lease on life. Exactly one month after his scheduled appointment at the School of Dentistry, Glen Toadvine (center, with wife Sandy) had open heart surgery in Toledo. “No question about it, dental student Steve Nichols, saved my life,” Toadvine says.