Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, March 16, 2012

U-M 'making good progress' in medical resident case

President Mary Sue Coleman said Thursday the university is "making good progress" on following up on the wide range of matters related to the case of a former medical resident facing federal child pornography charges.

Coleman said at the start of Thursday's Board of Regents meeting that the university had hired former university senior auditor Fred White on a part-time basis as a project manager to coordinate the university's response to a University Audits report.

That report detailed a six-month delay in appropriately handling a suspicion of child pornography discovered on a thumb drive left in a computer at the U-M Health System.

White's charge is to facilitate the wide-ranging responsive actions and to keep the university on track to meet the various deadlines specified in the response. He also will serve as a university liaison for the external review being sought by the Board of Regents.

There also were these related developments:

• The university remains on track to meet an April 1 deadline to hire a firm to carry out an organizational culture assessment of the safety and security units on campus.

• The university completed its response March 6 to the U.S. Department of Education, which had sought information on the incident and the university's response.

• The university has established a website that contains the full University Audits report and management response. It is on this website that any further action specified in the management response also will be posted.