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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Michigan State University graduate student Ken Kingery (right) explains to U-M Road Scholars the workings of the National Superconducting Cyclotron at MSU, the leading rare isotope research facility in the U.S. The visit last week to the cyclotron was part of the 13th annual Road Scholars tour in which nearly three dozen faculty and senior staff traveled the state to learn about its communities, people, and priorities. From left are Scott Lyons, Danielle De La Mare, Bill Piskorowski, Howard Hmerink, and Dave Ballou. View more photos from the tour. (Photo by Dana Sitzler, Office of the Vice President for Government Relations)

URC remains nationally competitive, report says
The University Research Corridor ranks among the best innovation clusters in the country, according to a new report that shows member institutions — U-M, Michigan State and Wayne State — remain competitive as research hubs and economic engines.
Vice presidents for research at the three URC institutions answer questions about the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, Michigan’s emerging bioeconomy and the URC as "an epicenter of transformation."

Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference grows to include social sciences
The tipping points of phenomena as varied as social uprisings, extreme weather and bacteria colony growth can all be described by similar math. Complex systems theory and nonlinear dynamics are becoming ever more useful tools in far-flung fields of study. More than 200 practitioners will present their latest findings at the Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference, the second of this year’s Michigan Meetings.

U-M earns national recognition for preventing youth fire setting
The Straight Talk program at the U-M Trauma Burn Center has been selected as one of eight exemplary youth fire-setting prevention and intervention programs to be highlighted by the United States Fire Administration. The issue of juvenile fire play is especially pressing as Michigan approaches its first Fourth of July following the legalization of fireworks.

The Michigan Difference

One degree, many paths
Diversity of career paths leads many students to the College of Pharmacy. Since graduating in 1976 Mary Moy-Sandusky has worked in hospitals, retail, consulting and government services. In 2011, Gov. Rick Snyder appointed her to the Michigan Board of Pharmacy. She also runs a pharmacy consulting business and speaks to future U-M pharmacy grads about their career options.