Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Members of the U-M Health System Laundry staff celebrate at a victory picnic for being the first winners of MHealthy’s “Biggest Winner” Challenge, a physical activity and nutrition challenge designed for units within the university’s Service & Maintenance Department. The eight-week challenge encouraged friendly competition in the department by naming as the winner the unit with the most participants who exercised a minimum of 30 minutes a day at least three days per week. (Photograph by Nicole Weil, MHealthy)

MHealthy Ergonomics accepting nominations for individual awards
MHealthy is accepting nominations for its Ergonomics Hero Individual Awards, given to employees that have implemented ergonomic solutions in the workplace. Nominations are accepted year-round and reviewed monthly by members of the Ergonomics Awareness Team.
Watch a video "comic strip" to see how encouraging simple changes can help reduce sprains and strains in the workplace.

Student robotic boat Serenity going for gold at competition
The UM::Autonomy team is competing with its robotic boat Serenity through Sunday at the Fifth Annual RoboBoat Competition in Virginia Beach, Va. The team's 2012 boat features a new electrical and vision system, and an advanced control system. It is designed to complete various tasks in the competition autonomously, with no help from a driver.

New Twitter feed gives students a voice in representing U-M
U-M Social Media has launched a new way for students to spread the word about U-M: a Twitter feed for students, run by students. Each week @umichstudents will feature a different student tweeter responsible for managing the account. Several students already have signed up for the project.

The Michigan Difference

An eye on disease
Biophysics sophomore Nilesh Raval wants to help people, and through his undergraduate research he is able to get a head start. He is one of many students who found a research project through LSA’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. Raval, who plans to attend medical school and become an ophthalmologist, has been able to spend two years working for the Kellogg Eye Center researching the correlation between the cornea and some systemic diseases like fibromyalgia and diabetes.