Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, June 29, 2012

Record Update's email edition will be sent weekly until Aug. 27

This will be the last daily email edition of the Record Update until Aug. 27. An email version of the Record Update will be sent to subscribers each Wednesday for the next eight weeks. (The weekly edition will be sent Tuesday, July 3, because the July 4 holiday falls on Wednesday next week.)

The Update is reducing its email schedule during this part of the summer in an effort to keep inboxes manageable while many faculty and staff are away from campus.

Although the daily email is taking a vacation, we’ll still add breaking campus news to the Record Update website as it happens. Go to for current information of interest to faculty and staff.

The summertime weekly email will provide a summary of items added to the website during the previous week. Special email versions may be sent in the event of major news for which immediate notification is determined to be necessary. The daily email version will return Aug. 27.

And, be sure to check The University Record, in print and online, for news from the administration, and stories about research, staff who work at the U, accolades, and other items of interest to the U-M faculty and staff.

The Record’s remaining summer publication schedule is July 9, 23 and Aug. 13. To read the University Record Online, go to