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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

University unveils new online catalog of lifelong learning options

A broad array of continuing education options now is available through U-M's new Lifelong Learning Online Catalog.

Hosted by the Alumni Association, this updated online resource offers a wide selection of U-M educational content ranging from lectures to guided tours. The online catalog replaces the continuing education portal, which was developed as an outgrowth of a provost's task force charged in 2009 to develop ways to enhance the university's non-credit-bearing continuing education efforts.

The online catalog also contains links to other lifelong learning options, such as the courses offered through the Coursera educational consortium and the College of Engineering's Connex program.

"This new-and-improved catalog offers one-stop shopping for anyone searching for continuing education offerings from the various schools, colleges and units across all U-M campuses," says Martha Pollack, vice provost for academic and budgetary affairs.

The online catalog was developed by the Office of the Provost with guidance from the Continuing and Professional Education Advisory Council. It is being managed and hosted by the Alumni Association.

Pollack says the new catalog offers several additional benefits over the original portal including:

• Information about online and in-person lectures and events.

• Enhanced search functionality.

• Easy-to-use navigation.

• The ability to receive notifications of new programs or events.

• Accessibility to all members of the U-M community.

The catalog currently features 700 on-demand audio or video podcasts; 140 in-person events; 100 campus events; and 20 continuing education unit certification programs. The website is updated weekly.

To submit educational content for the catalog, use the "Talk to Us" form at

For additional information, contact Kathleen Stevens, the Alumni Association's director of lifelong learning, at or 734-764-3470.