Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Monday, January 7, 2013

Andrew Maynard, director of the U-M Risk Science Center and professor of environmental health sciences, created Risk Bites as a fun way to convey credible, digestible information about a variety of trending topics, viewed through the concept of risk science. In this video, he discusses the idea behind Risk Bites. Read more about Maynard's mini-lessons.

Understanding Race Project begins with exhibit, panel discussion
Few subjects provoke as strong a visceral response as the topic of race. This week U-M will launch an examination of race through the Understanding Race Project. From January through April, an extensive range of public exhibits, performances, lectures and symposia, and more than 130 courses in several disciplines will explore the concept of race and its impacts.

FICA tax rate returns to 7.65 percent as of Jan. 1
As of Jan. 1, the Social Security tax rate returned to 6.2 percent on the first $113,700 of wages earned. This likely will result in a greater amount being withheld from employees' paychecks. With the Medicare tax rate of 1.45 percent, the total FICA tax rate as of Jan. 1 is will be 7.65 percent.

Society 2030 seeks applicants for research project awards
Society 2030, an innovative U-M initiative linking academics and corporate partners to address the challenges of an aging population, is offering research project awards to U-M graduate students. The deadline for project submissions is Jan. 15.

The Michigan Difference

The ultimate gift
Dr. Shawn Hervey-Jumper first met Laurence Carolin when the 15-year-old was exhibiting symptoms that eventually would be diagnosed as a highly malignant brain tumor. Over time, he came to know Laurence quite well. In the fall issue of Colleagues in Care — Pediatrics, Hervey-Jumper shares his insights on how the young man, who chose to donate his brain for study after his death in 2010, touched his doctor's heart. He also talks about Laurence's gift in this video.