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Friday, January 18, 2013

U-M researchers discuss how they will tackle the end of Moore's law — and design computers of the future — at the new Center for Future Architectures Research.

New $28M center led by U-M will develop computers of 2025
Designing the computers of 2025 is the focus of a new $28 million research center led by U-M. The Center for Future Architectures Research involves 14 other major research institutions. It aims to harness the power and boost the reliability of the tiniest transistors to emerge in the next decade.

Annual Collage Concert celebrates Hill Auditorium's centennial
The annual Collage Concert, presented Saturday by the School of Music, Theatre & Dance is set to raise the roof on the venue it has called home for 36 years. Inaugurating the university’s yearlong celebration of Hill Auditorium’s 100th anniversary, Collage XXXVI will showcase student talent from across all of the performing arts disciplines, while paying homage to one of the country’s finest concert halls.

Student venture fund leads company to acquisition, announces new investment
The student-led Frankel Commercialization Fund has announced that an industry leader in solid-state high performance lasers acquired Arbor Photonics, the first company in which the fund invested. Meanwhile, the fund has invested in Fusion Coolant Systems Inc., which has developed an advanced coolant and lubrication system.

The Michigan Difference

Character built at U-M
Harish Sheth traveled 8,000 miles from India to learn about his homeland. The 1968 College of Engineering graduate and native of Mumbai said that in Ann Arbor he met "people from areas of India that I had never been to and knew nothing about." He returned to India and started a manufacturing company in a poor area of the country, and also established a foundation focusing on basic health and education. “My character was built at U-M,” Sheth said. “That’s the most basic thing I got from Michigan Engineering – it has been more important in my life than my degree."