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Monday, January 21, 2013

Crosswalk safety campaign to begin Tuesday

The city of Ann Arbor on Tuesday will begin a pedestrian crosswalk and safety enforcement campaign at 14 locations, some of which are near the U-M campus.

The campaign will run through Saturday, and police officers will keep a watchful eye for drivers not stopping for pedestrians crossing the street at crosswalks.

The Ann Arbor pedestrian ordinance requires motorists to fully stop for pedestrians at the curb or within the crosswalk.

The ordinance also includes safeguards for drivers. It states that pedestrians may not suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and enter the path of a vehicle when a driver is unable to respond in the proper fashion.

Officers are expected to be out observing crosswalks at:

• Fuller Road and the V.A. Hospital.

• Fuller Road and Mitchell Field.

• William Street and Ashley Street.

• William Street and Main Street.

• Fifth Avenue and Packard Street.

• North Division Street and Community High School.

• Liberty Street and Crest Avenue.

• North Division Street and South of Broadway Bridge.

• First Street and Jefferson Street.

• South Industrial Highway and Stadium Boulevard.

• Plymouth Road and Bishop Avenue.

• Hill Street and East University Avenue

• Hill Street and Church Street.

• 2200 block of Washtenaw Avenue.

Ensuring pedestrian safety is especially important in Ann Arbor with 17 percent of residents walking to work, more than six times the national average.

Additional information on safe walking, bicycling and driving in Ann Arbor can be found at:, and