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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The UM-Dearborn campus is home to many furry creatures, including squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, white-tailed deer and foxes. Coyotes also belong on that list, and although the canines have been less visible in the past, staff members at the Environmental Interpretive Center say the number of coyote findings has increased in recent months. Read more about coyotes at UM-Dearborn. (Photo courtesy of UM-Dearborn Environmental Interpretive Center)

Mott Children’s Hospital named to Parents magazine’s 10-best list
Parents magazine Monday announced its list of 10 Best Children's Hospitals, ranking C.S. Mott Children's Hospital eighth in the nation. Mott was the only Michigan hospital ranked in the top 10 list, which focused on areas including treatment success, groundbreaking research and family-friendly facilities.

Registration for Active U 2013 closes today
Registration for the eighth annual Active U, MHealthy's 12-week physical activity challenge, closes today. University faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, retirees and spouses/Other Qualified Adults of employees are eligible to participate.

Professor emeritus Michael Cohen dies at age 67
Michael Cohen, professor emeritus of information and a founding faculty member at the School of Information who retired a little less than a year ago, died last weekend at age of 67 after a long fight with cancer.

The Michigan Difference

Real world politics
As mayor of Goudomp, Senegal, Abdoulaye Sadio contends with issues that are familiar to many elected officials: education, health, housing, energy, water and sanitation. But Sadio, who received his master's and doctoral degrees from the School of Public Health, also deals with problems that few mayors in the developed world have to confront, including high unemployment during Senegal's dry season and a 30-year rebellion that has stifled socioeconomic development in the region. He tells his story in the fall issue of the SPH magazine, Findings.