Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, February 7, 2013

With the broad-based federal spending cuts known as sequestration set to take effect March 1, the scientific research community is appealing to Congress for action to avoid the measure's negative impact. In this video, Vice President for Research Stephen Forrest warns how sequestration could put the brakes on university research. His video, and others like it, are being distributed through the Science Works for U.S. website.

University will host National Climate Assessment town hall
U-M will host a Midwest regional town hall on Tuesday at which findings of the recently released draft National Climate Assessment will be presented. Several university scientists helped write the report, which assesses the key impacts of climate change across the country.

Findings from recent Culture of Health survey
The U-M Health Management Research Center recently conducted a Culture of Health survey of university faculty and staff, and released key findings about the "perception of environmental support" and "perception of cultural support."

U-M expert to help Gallup review political polling methods
Michael Traugott, professor of communication studies and political science and a nationally recognized expert in political communication and polls, is assisting the Gallup Organization with reviewing its survey methodology used in political polling.

The Michigan Difference

Real world politics
As mayor of Goudomp, Senegal, Abdoulaye Sadio contends with issues that are familiar to many elected officials: education, health, housing, energy, water and sanitation. But Sadio, who received his master's and doctoral degrees from the School of Public Health, also deals with problems that few mayors in the developed world have to confront, including high unemployment during Senegal's dry season and a 30-year rebellion that has stifled socioeconomic development in the region. He tells his story in the fall issue of the SPH magazine, Findings.