Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, March 1, 2013

Taubman Health Sciences Library moving print collection

The moment that Jane Blumenthal, Taubman Health Sciences Library (THL) director and associate university librarian, has been patiently awaiting has almost arrived.

"The books are moving, beginning on March 4," says Blumenthal.

She expects the move, which will shift the bulk of THL's print collection to an off-campus storage facility, to be complete by the end of May. The work originally was scheduled to take place last summer, but was postponed to accommodate upgrades to the storage site.

The move is the next step in a plan, approved by the Board of Regents last April, to renovate the THL building. Moving the bulk of the less-used print collection will yield space to support collaborative learning, studying, and clinical skills training for medical and other health professional school students.

Blumenthal and her staff are more than ready for the change.

"Our colleagues in the health sciences schools and colleges and in the hospital don't come to the library building for research and reading anymore," she says. The preferred format for health sciences information has been digital for some time. But those colleagues still depend upon ready access to information expertise, so THL's liaison librarians go where they're needed — to the classrooms, labs, and clinics of health sciences students, researchers, and clinicians.

Blumenthal said she expects the enriched learning environment to further enhance the relationships between health sciences librarians and the community with which they collaborate.

A core collection of most current and frequently used print materials will remain at THL, as will course reserves items. Most of the printed journals and books published before 2008 will be moved to remote storage, and will be readily available on request for delivery to a campus office or library.

THL will remain open during the move, though access to some print materials may be temporarily limited.