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Friday, April 12, 2013

Fencing Club brings home national championship

As the men's basketball team was preparing to fight its way to the national final game last weekend, another U-M team was on its way to a national championship.


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In East Lansing, the Michigan Fencing Club was preparing for two days of the Collegiate Fencing Club Championships, where club fencing teams from around the country compete for the national title.

For U-M, the rewards included seven trophies over the weekend, including the overall title, the men’s saber title and women’s and men’s team titles. U-M finished second in men’s epee and women’s foil, and third in women’s epee. The club also finished in the top 10 in men’s foil and women’s saber, securing its victory.

The national championship was a golden finish to an already bright season, in which U-M was a top competitor in both dual and regional tournaments, including the Midwest Fencing Conference Championships, where the university's team faced both club and varsity teams and had a strong top ten finish.

The victory was especially sweet for the team’s strong contingent of seniors, who not only helped lead the way to victory in tournaments, but also served as an informal coaching staff to younger fencers.

Since fencing is not a varsity sport at U-M, much of the responsibility for training new or less experienced fencers falls to older or more experienced team members, who work with them in addition to lessons from the team coach.

The Michigan team welcomes fencers of all experience, skill, and commitment levels, and the welcoming atmosphere produces a close-knit team willing to go the distance together.