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Monday, June 3, 2013

As homeowners across the country fire up their lawnmowers and break out the fertilizer, it's a good time to consider that lawn care requires resources such as electricity, gasoline, water and, often, chemicals. In this video, Steven Skerlos, professor of mechanical engineering, and civil and environmental engineering, analyzes those elements of lawn care, and explains their environmental impact.

Big Ten universities form Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium
Leaders from the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center and other Big Ten universities’ cancer centers kicked off the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium Saturday in Chicago. They are uniting to transform cancer research through collaborative oncology trials that leverage the scientific and clinical expertise of the Big Ten universities.

Summer program partners undergraduates with faculty mentors
Last week, 51 undergraduate students from institutions across the United States and Puerto Rico arrived at U-M for the eight-week Summer Research Opportunity Program. Participants are paired with a faculty mentor and work on a research project, and will engage in community building activities that will showcase Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.

UM-Flint Department of Education helps bring innovation event to Ann Arbor
The Innovation in Education Gathering, which includes a public conference June 21 in Ann Arbor, aims to bring together educators, students, entrepreneurs and others at the forefront of technology in learning. The event is organized by the UM-Flint Department of Education in conjunction with its redesigned Educational Technology master’s program.

The Michigan Difference

Caring for Boston victims
On April 15, LSA alumnus and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Ryan was just about to begin his third surgery of the day when a nurse came bursting into the operating room. "She said that there had been an explosion in Boston and there were multiple people injured," Ryan says of the Boston Marathon bombing. “My initial thought was that it was a joke. 'No,' the nurse told me. 'They’re going to be downstairs in a minute.'" Thus began one of Ryan's busiest, most hectic, stressful and memorable days.