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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Michigan Department of Natural Resources workers Kristen Bissell and Tim Payne band one of four peregrine falcon chicks that hatched recently in a nesting box atop University Hospital. The university is conducting an online contest to name the birds. Read more about the contest and the falcons. (Photo by Barb Baldinger)

U-M team wins national prize for idea to fund medical research
A U-M Health System team has won a national prize for its prototype of a Web-based crowd-funding platform for research. WellSpringboard would make it possible for anyone to propose and chip in money for ideas for new patient-focused research studies, and for researchers to propose that they get the money and carry out the study if enough dollars are raised.

University expands use of pre-employment background checks
The university is expanding the practice of conducting pre-employment background checks under a new Standard Practice Guide that takes effect this week. Pre-employment background checks now must be conducted before a candidate may be appointed to any faculty or staff position.

The birth of 'The Yellow and Blue'
U-M's official alma mater praises the color and light of late summer in Michigan, but it was inspired by a contest that featured a $20 prize. A story in the current edition of Michigan Today describes how an assistant professor of Latin came to create "The Yellow and Blue."

The Michigan Difference

Caring for Boston victims
On April 15, LSA alumnus and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Ryan was just about to begin his third surgery of the day when a nurse came bursting into the operating room. "She said that there had been an explosion in Boston and there were multiple people injured," Ryan says of the Boston Marathon bombing. “My initial thought was that it was a joke. 'No,' the nurse told me. 'They’re going to be downstairs in a minute.'" Thus began one of Ryan's busiest, most hectic, stressful and memorable days.