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Monday, June 10, 2013

This video shows how first-year engineering students work with nonprofit agencies while learning how to design and build devices to meet a community need.

Engineering students plunge into hands-on work for a good cause
For most students in Engineering 100, the class is a hands-on lesson in the practical applications of being an engineer. They work to meet a client's needs and obtain exposure to the field of engineering in a course that departs from the usual lecture format, while also learning how to make a difference.

Michigan Channel videos move to YouTube
In an effort to increase accessibility of U-M video content and share it with a larger, more global audience, the university is using its redesigned YouTube website as the primary source for videos, including content on Comcast channel 22, the Michigan Channel. As a cost-saving measure, it will discontinue the local area broadcast effective June 28.

VIDEO REPEAT: Making the first offer in negotiations
An incorrect link inadvertently took viewers to the wrong video in Friday's Record Update. We are rerunning the video, in which Shirli Kopelman, clinical assistant professor of management and organizations, discusses why being the first person to make an offer during financial negotiations may also lead to anxiety.

This week in the University Record
• Research: Targeting an aspect of Down syndrome
• Older drivers more likely to buy new vehicles
• Latinos disproportionately sterilized for decades in California
Read these stories and more in the Record, available on racks across campus.

The Michigan Difference

A family for Feleke
Law Professor Kyle Logue and his family decided they could take in Feleke, a boy from Ethiopia, for a few weeks while he was being treated in Michigan for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Weeks turned to months, and a plea from one father to another, from one side of the world to the other, changed everything — including the way the Logues defined "family."