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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peregrine falcons returned to University Hospital nest

Two peregrine falcon chicks recently were reunited with their parents in a nest on the roof of University Hospital.

The male falcons had been in the care of the Michigan Department of National Resources after attempting to fly a little too soon.

DNR officials rehabilitated the birds after they flew to the ground June 9 and were unable to get back up to the nest. The DNR took them to a rehab facility until their muscles and flight feathers were strong enough for flight.

The two male falcons, (Desmond) Howard and (Charles) Woodson, along with two female falcons, Maize and Blue, were named following an online naming contest.

This is the third straight year a pair of peregrine falcons has successfully nested on the roof of University Hospital.

Four chicks hatched around April 29 and they will stay with the adults until the end of August. The falcon chicks were banded in late May so they could be tracked by the DNR.

One of the female chicks, Maize, died on June 11 after sustaining injuries when falling from its nest.

Watch a video of the birds being reunited with their mother.