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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

University organizes event to share used office supplies

Staff, faculty and local nonprofits are invited to browse gently used office supplies for free at an event hosted by U-M Waste Management Services, July 17-18.


Important dates

• Through July 9: Contact to indicate intent to participate.

• July 11: Office supplies collection from building loading docks and trash-bin areas.

• July 17: Event open to U-M departments only.

• July 18: Event open to local non-profits in addition to U-M departments.

The first-ever event promotes sustainability through the reuse of common office supplies, from file folders, binders and staplers to pens, pencils and highlighters.

The two-day event will occur from 8 a.m. -4 p.m. in the Waste Management Services garage, 1655 Dean Road, in the North Campus Service Building No. 1. July 17 is reserved for university departments only, and nonprofits are invited to join in browsing available items July 18.

"The event offers departments the opportunity to dispose of gently used, but unwanted supplies, to free up space in their offices while making the supplies available to those who may have a need," said Tracy Artley, sustainability program coordinator with Plant Building and Grounds Services.

"We'll be paying attention to the level of interest in the event and the amount of supplies collected to determine if this is a service we can offer again in the future."

Departments and units interested in contributing to the supply inventory are instructed to contact the U-M Recycling office via email at by July 9.

On July 11, Waste Management Services crews will pick up boxed items labeled "Office Supply Reuse" from building loading docks and trash-bin areas.

All new and gently used office supplies are accepted with the exception of broken supplies, furniture, electronics or items containing hazardous materials.

Units looking to dispose of electronics and furniture are directed to contact Property Disposition, or to create a post on M-Bay, the university's free online trading systems developed by the U-M Health System.

The reuse event supports the university's efforts to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and its overall commitment toward creating a more sustainable campus.

For 15 years Waste Management Services has offered an office supply reuse program through routine collection of office supplies. In late 2012, the program was discontinued and greater emphasis was placed on more cost-efficient methods for supply reuse, such as M-Bay.

For more information about U-M recycling, go to