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Monday, August 5, 2013

Spring 2013 Mobile Apps Challenge winners announced

Take control of the lecture cameras and zoom into U-M classrooms from your smartphone, or effortlessly monitor your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels by tracking your drinks while you’re out. These apps are among the winners in the Spring 2013 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge.


More information

For more information and videos showcasing the winning apps, visit the Mobile Apps Center.

Students, faculty and staff were challenged to design an original app on any mobile platform. A panel of experts from U-M, Apple and Google judged the 15 submitted apps based on creativity, usability and utility. A total of $4,000 was awarded in prizes to the winning developers.

The competition was sponsored by Apple Inc., Google, Information and Technology Services (ITS), Computer Science and Engineering, and the Office of Technology Transfer.

The winning applications are:

First Place: M-Cam (iOS)
Developers: Evan Cann, a student and staff member at the College of Engineering, and Phil Treib, CAEN IT planning manager.
Recording lectures is easy and fun with M-Cam, an app which turns your mobile device into a remote control for the 44 lecture cameras already on campus. The robotic cameras capture hundreds of hours of lectures each month, mostly using the camera’s pre-configured settings. Manual zoom, panning and tilting makes the lecture recording much more engaging.

Second Place: Stay in the Blue (Android and iOS)
Developers: Steve Coffey and Rodney Hyduk, recent graduates from LSA, and Jennifer Angell, an undergraduate student at LSA.
Stay in the Blue is an app that helps those who are enjoying a night out stay within a healthy number of drinks. Using weight, gender, and type and quantity of drinks, the app calculates the user’s BAC level over time. Designed specifically for the Ann Arbor area, the app includes local restaurant drinks, and area cab company phone numbers.

Third Place: MyBuddy (iOS)
Developers: Jacob Peyser and Gurminder Singh, seniors at the College of Engineering, and Jorge Viramontes, an undergraduate student at LSA.
Easily schedule group meetings and schedule activities with MyBuddy. The app uses calendar information for future meeting attendees to suggest best meeting times and confirm attendance. It also schedules the meeting on your calendar.

Fourth Place: hyperPhoto (iOS)
Developers: Harrison Chandler, graduate student instructor at the College of Engineering, and Evan Moss, a researcher for Comparative Literature at the School of Information.
hyperPhoto displays a number of photos with a common theme, and challenges the person playing the game to guess the common keyword. With the players’ consent, the responses are recorded and used for research in search engine optimization and other areas.

Since the Mobile Apps Challenges competition started in 2010, 118 apps developed at Michigan were submitted to the contest. Details for the Fall 2013 challenge will be announced in September on the Mobile Apps Center homepage.